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Office location:
West Covina
450 S. Glendora Ave
Suite 106
West Covina , CA
Phone: (626) 856-3317

14495 Seventh Street
Victorville, CA
Phone: (760) 245-7800

San Bernardino
407 S. E Street
San Bernardino, CA
Phone: (909) 889-3300

Hacienda Heights
2545 S Hacienda Blvd
Hacienda Heights, CA
Phone: (626) 961-1574


Our patients are very satisfied with our level of care at all of our locations.

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"AMAZING*Affordable* Above average!

I normally do not leave reviews but since I switched Orthodontists I felt it was necessary to share my thoughts. I was pleasantly impressed with Dr. Matthew Moadel's first impression, aesthetically pleasing. Which in my opinion is a trait all people in this profession should have. His ability to communicate with my children was a PLUS. He explained his intentions in a way that was easily understood by my children and also showed a short video. He was sensitive with all of our concerns and made my children feel at ease. He seems to genuinely care about his patients.

I owe Maricela a huge debt of gratitude for all of her knowledge, humor, and making us feel so welcomed during this transition!

The staff at this office should be commended for their great customer service skills, attentiveness and ability to keep up with the flow of traffic. Our wait time was under 5 minutes.

We will be recommending Dr. Moadel and Victorville Family Dentistry to all of our friends, family and co-workers!"
Rechelle Garcia
Victorville, CA
Victorville Family Dentistry
Yelp - 3/23/2016

"Wonderful staff and affordable orthodontics!  We have been going to Dr. Moadel for years and have been very happy with the service and results.  Both of my kids have had braces and now my husband is starting his.  We are always greeted cheerfully by Maricela and the rest of the staff.  I would highly recommend this orthodontics office."
Deanna M.
Phelan, CA
Victorville Family Dentistry
Yelp - 1/22/2016

"I had a great experience, the front office was very professional with a positive attitude. The doctor was very caring, and answering all my questions I had. I would refer all my family and friends about the outstanding experience I had since day one, when I started going there."
Justin K.
Hesperia, CA
Arrowhead Family Dentistry
Yelp - 1/19/2016

"First time here and I was very impressed! First impressions are a big deal for me as I usually decide whether I will return or even stay for that matter by that first encounter.  As soon as I arrived I was promptly and warmly greeted. A big plus. Next, I was taken to the back for my cleaning with Dr. Rabie. What a great Dr. He was very kind and very informative. He consistently took the time to check on how I was doing during my cleaning and also explained what he was doing and why. Great! Overall, the staff here is exceptionally nice, very informative and the facility is neat and clean. Thank you for the great service! I will be returning and I would recommend them to all my friends and family."
Nicole B.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
West Covina Family Dentistry
Yelp - 1/18/2016

"I've been coming here for the past 5 years for my dental and ortho care. And this place has yet to disappoint me. From receptionist to the assistants, everyone has always provided me with professional and friendly care. Dr. Bhatt did all for of me wisdom teeth extractions for me and I would say it was one of the most pleasant visit I have ever had. The team walked me through the procedure and papers very thoroughly and explained that applied pressure doesn't equate to pain with anesthesia. Before proceeding my bottom extractions, Dr. Bhatt tested whether if it was enough anesthesia or not, and I asked for more since I was still feeling sharp pinches. Removing my bottom was more difficult than my top ones since they were horizontal, but even so the procedure was about 30 minutes. My top ones though took only 10! I was in and out like nothing! I was surprised since I prepared myself with all the horror stories about wisdom teeth I heard from my friends and it was not at all what I experienced! It was such a relief. The healing process was easy since the assistants explained to me clearly how the recovery steps. My face was swollen for 4 days for the bottom, and barely swelled AT ALL for the top. I only had to take two ibuprofen pills total after the top extractions! It was so easy! The team was very vocal and had good communication with each other during procedure, which reassured me a lot that they knew what they were doing. They made sure that I felt comfortable which I appreciated a lot since I came in so frightened. Thank you West Covina Family Dentistry. I'll see you again soon."
Lanli S.
West Covina, CA
West Covina Family Dentistry
Yelp - 1/13/2016

"Love this place! They are up front about work that needs to be done and prices. In addition they always have us in and out in a timely manner and they are very clean. We see them for dentistry and orthodontics."
Jacqui W.
Redlands, CA
West Covina Family Dentistry
Yelp - 12/21/2015

"Very friendly staff. Took time to explain everything and answer my questions. The Dr. And the technician were very nice, professional and cared about me having a positive experience."
Linda O'Brienn
West Covina Family Dentistry
Solution Reach Reviews - 12/11/2015

"I've been bringing my family to this office for years. My son got his braces here and so did I. The experience was great for both of us. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The office is always clean and I've had no issues here...I just assigned my 2 year to this office because I'm so happy with it. He can start his dental work here I wanted to say that Natalie in the ortho dept is thee BEST! Excellent customer service and her smile is always so welcoming! Thank you West Covina Family Dentistry."
Lori P.
Los Angeles, CA
West Covina Family Dentistry
Yelp - 12/07/2015

"I highly recommend this dental office. Painless Dentistry is a reality in this office."
Pragnesh Dholakiya
Hacienda Heights Family Dentistry
Solution Reach Review - 10/03/2015

"This place is the best. I recommended. You don't have to seat for a long time with or without appointment. Excellent service. Prices are affordable."
Alondra Montes Ramos
Victorville Family Dentistry
Solution Reach Reviews - 9/25/2015

"I just started going here in March of 2015. So far I've had two visits and they are very quick and the doctors and staff are professional and friendly."
Yesenia R.
Victorville Family Dentistry
Yelp —9/17/2015

"I've been taking my elderly mom here for a few years. The whole staff have been great. We had issues with the insurance coverage and the girls at the front desk made all the calls to straighten things out. The dentist did an excellent job. They treat the elderly with the respect they deserve. We'll be back."
Frank Z.
West Covina, CA
West Covina Family Dentistry
Yelp - 8/22/2013

"I was on vacation in California when I required an urgent filling for a cavity. The dental care that I received was fantastic and extremely professional. The reception staff were very welcoming and able to fit me into the busy schedule as an emergency appointment at very short notice.

The treatment I received was very thorough- they gave me a full set of x-Rays and then the dentist walked me through the images and showed me my cavities on screen. They gave me a full cleaning and filled my cavity immediately.

I was nervous about the anaesthetic but Dr Rabie, Shelley and the rest of the team were very friendly and put me at ease.

Many thanks!"
Aanya M.
Ilford, United Kingdom
West Covina Family Dentistry
Yelp - 8/14/2015

"The staff was incredibly friendly and attentive. Moreover, I appreciate their consideration for time management because I never felt like I was waiting long to be attended to, thus providing me with both a smooth and guided experience."
Ushma Vyas
Hacienda Heights Family Dentistry
Solution Reach Reviews - 7/26/2015

"I LOVE West Covina Family Dentistry! The staff and the doctors are friendly and caring. Their care is excellent."
William Ripley
West Covina Family Dentistry
Solution Reach Reviews - 6/14/2015